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As an accident attorney in Denver, I understand that it can be difficult to know how to choose the right lawyer when you have been injured in an accident. Any injury, whether it is from a car accident, motorcycle accident, dog bite, or any other type of accidental injury, is a disruption to your life.

Helping people for 35+ years

Medical treatments may take up a great deal of time, interrupting both your professional and personal life.  At The Ferris Law Firm, my staff and I have years of experience with all aspects of personal injury cases including getting the proper permanent injury ratings as needed, working with you regarding an economic loss evaluation,  and resolving medical liens once your case is settled.

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John Ferris, Esq.

When you call The Ferris Law Firm, you will speak with Mr. Ferris directly. John is known for his listening skills. In every conversation with Mr. Ferris, you will know that your concerns have been heard, evaluated, and listened to. He is an expert in explaining the entire settlement process to his clients in a way that leaves them confident in what will happen at each step.

Quality of Work

John never takes on more cases than he can handle. You and your case will not get lost in the shuffle. Attorney Ferris has a team of five staff that have worked together for years and consistently receive high satisfaction from their clients. In fact, 90% of The Ferris Law Firm’s clients come from referrals of his satisfied clients.

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