Cases and Verdicts

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Cases and Verdicts


Dog Bite
Practice Area: Animal & Dog Bites
Date: Jun 30, 2015
Outcome: $300,000.00
Description: Woman bit by dog above eye at a child's birthday party. Client sustained permanent muscle damage in eye.


Premises Liability
Practice Area: Personal Injury
Date: Feb 20, 2015
Outcome: $220,000.00
Description: Client went to pharmacy drive through window, to pick up prescriptions . Client informed he needed to come into store for pick up. Client informed the pharmacist that he was on crutches and requested that the pharmacist open the box to fit the medication through the drive through drawer. The pharmacist informed him that they were unable to comply with his request and again informed him that if he wanted his prescriptions, he would be required to come to the pharmacy counter inside the store. While entering the store, client fell on the wet grate at the entrance.Client Suffered broken hip requiring surgery.


Wrongful Death
Practice Area: Wrongful Death
Date: Aug 03, 2015
Outcome: $850,000.00
Description: Clients 65 year old father killed by a drunk driver. Also 3 other family members in car injured.